Still got the Spark

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A SISTERHOOD LIKE NO OTHER: Carleen Bisinella and Danni Townsend-O’Neil have banded together to support their good friend and sister Kate Sparks (middle) after she was diagnosed with a rare, low grade, stage four serious ovarian cancer. The sister tribe has created a stunning collection of headscarves that will soon go on sale to raise money for Kate’s 5-year-old son Finn. As Myrtleford continues to rally around Kate and her family, she just has one very strong message. See story pages 12 and 13. PHOTO: Ashleigh Piles

Six months ago, Kate Sparks had the world in her hands.

She was raising her beautiful 5-year-old son Finn with her partner Fionn and living the dream in North East Victoria.

That world crumbled down with great force when the 32-year-old was blindsided with the words we all know and hate.

Kate was told she has a rare, low grade, stage four serious ovarian cancer that is inoperable and terminal.

The tumours are slow growing and often very hard to detect, so difficult to detect that stages one, two and three went completely unnoticed as they took hold of her most valuable possessions.

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