Campers ignore fire ban

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VICTORIA’S Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is not pursuing prosecution of campers at Nug Nug Reserve who lit a campfire on January 6 – a day of total fire ban.

Nearby residents became deeply concerned that holidaymakers at the popular camp spot, about 15 kilometres south of Myrtleford, had been lighting campfires on January 5 when Victorian emergency and fire control services had already confirmed the total ban for the following day.

Maximum temperatures in Myrtleford for January 6 and 7 ranged from 40 to 41.1 degrees Celsius.

The department has told the Times-Observer that staff patrolled a number of camping sites in Alpine areas area on January 5.

“This was done to ensure those already camping were made aware that the following day (Saturday) was a total fire ban day,” a spokesman said.

“Nug Nug Reserve was one of the campsites visited, with our staff discussing the total fire ban day with every group of campers who were there at the time.”

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