Celebrating a 30-year career

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DEDICATED CAREER: Myrtleford Pre-School assistant Suzy Rinaldo between Clay Corcoran and his mother, Kirsty – who have book-ended Ms Rinaldo’s three-decade career at the kindergarten. PHOTO: Jenny Zamperoni

MYRTLEFORD’S Suzy Rinaldo last week celebrated 30 years of service at Myrtleford Pre-School.

Ms Rinaldo started as a part-time assistant at Marconi Kindergarten in November, 1987, and worked there for a decade when it merged to become Myrtleford Pre-School from 1996.

She moved with the kindergarten community to the new Prince Street campus in 2002.

“I’ve worked with many fellow teachers and assistants over the years,” Ms Rinaldo said.

“They’ve brought lots of diversity with lots of ideas about educating children and I’ve made long-term friendships with many of them.

“I love the interactions with all of the families and have made many friendships with them, too.

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