Fundraiser set to get fresh water flowing in Myanmar

CONNECTION: A crowd funding campaign has allowed people in the remote village of Mindat in Myanmar to begin laying a pipe to give them acccess to fresh drinking water.

A FUNDING target of $10,000 to complete a 7km pipeline which will deliver fresh drinking water to the villagers of Mindat in Chin State, Myanmar has been reached within three weeks of opening.

On September 18, a crowd funding campaign was launched by Bright man Gei Lin Thang with a goal to raise $20,000 to improve the living conditions for those in his home village of around 150 people.

Almost $15,000 has already been raised through the crowd funding page and from direct bank deposits with more than 100 people donating to the cause.

Ric Williamson, who helped set up the campaign, said with the first $10,000 target secured, villagers had commenced work to complete the pipeline.

“The great thing about this project is there is no bureaucracy, they don’t have to wait for money to be delivered to them,” he said.

“They have access to it straight away and have already bought pipes and have started to lay them.

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