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Culinary respect and tradition key to farmers’ market success

OPPORTUNITY: Victorian Farmers’ Market Association executive officer Kate Archdeacon – who attended the one-year-old Myrtleford farmers’ market anniversary on Saturday – believes the valley’s food culture and enterprise offers strong growth prospects. PHOTO: Jamie Kronborg

VICTORIAN Farmers’ Market Association executive officer Kate Archdeacon believes the inherent strength of the one-year-old Myrtleford farmers’ market – which marked its first anniversary on Saturday – offers significant prospects for its development.

She said a tradition of respect for food evident in Myrtleford and Ovens Valley communities – in which Myrtleford, proportionally, has one of Victoria’s largest populations of people of Italian descent – was a powerful asset.

“I noticed when I’d only been in the town for less than 24 hours (late last week) that there are strong multi-generational links which you don’t always see,” she told the Times-Observer at the market on Saturday.

“It’s fairly unique thing to be able to preserve in a regional town.

“And what it means is that people are coming back to be near their families and have kids and start businesses.”

But she said it also presented an important opportunity because inherent awareness of locally-produced food and food quality should stimulate demand.

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