Study tracks high performers

WEB_St Mary's Primary Ashley Marsh_pe_c5_20170327
NEW WAY OF LEARNING: Jaz Rossato and Isabelle Cooke in the classroom with St Mary’s Primary School principal Ashley Marsh. PHOTO: Brad Worrall

ST Mary’s Primary School is at the cutting edge of research into high performing students.

In partnership with Charles Sturt University the school is now looking at test results from as far back at 2008 to identify those students whose results were up to a year in advance of their age and tracking their subsequent progress.

Principal Ashley Marsh said it was ground-breaking research that may help to identify failings in meeting the needs of students at the upper end of the learning curve.

“In the past we have focused our energy and resources, as we should, on those that weren’t up to standard but there is a school of thought that says perhaps we should have a similar focus on those children working above standard,” he said.

“The fear is that if they are not being challenged, that their learning plateaus.

“So what we are looking for are trends – are there any trends in gender, does it narrow with age or is there no difference at all?

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