Blight outbreak a timely reminder

BLIGHT ON THE INDUSTRY: The infection was spotted by a farmer during an inspection of the orchard.

GROWERS believe a single tree outbreak of chestnut blight is an isolated case and unlikely to bring in wide ranging quarantines to the $10 million industry based largely in the North East.

The outbreak was identified by the farmer last month, just two months after Agriculture Victoria had inspected the Eurobin property and given it the all clear.

The infected tree, along with those within a 10m radius of the outbreak, was destroyed.

North East Media understand the property was not previously affected by chestnut blight.

Experts believe the wet winter may have been the catalyst to the outbreak on a tree that was grafted 10 years ago.

The latest infection comes at what was expected to be the final hurdle before the region was cleared of the blight and mandatory quarantines that threatened to destroy the industry when first identified in late 2010.

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