NEMA adds two new cultural advocates

NEMA volunteers_pe_c5_20150525.jpg
LOCAL HELP: Caterina Revrenna (left) and Elvira Casagrande are the North East Multicultural Association’s new cultural advocates for Myrtleford and surrounding towns.

MYRTLEFORD has two new cultural advocates available to assist those who come from different cultural backgrounds and speak English as a second language.

Caterina Revrenna and Elvira Casagrande are North East Multicultural Association’s (NEMA) newly trained volunteer cultural advocates based in the Alpine Shire under the North East Multicultural Aged Care Connections (NEMACC) project.

Both completed their training earlier this year and are now underway in their role to ensure adequate service provision and equality for migrant residents of all ages, from all walks of life.

Both Caterina and Elvira have lived and worked in Myrtleford for a number of years, love the community, and as cultural advocates are eager to support anyone from any background who may require a helping hand and advice about accessing information on available services in the region, particularly welfare.

Even with a network of clubs and activities already in Myrtleford and its surrounding towns, which reflect the massive influx of migrants during the 1950s and 1960s, there continues to be new people relocating to the area and the role of cultural advocate remains an important one.

“Being a cultural advocate is an enriching and satisfying experience, knowing we can help people with advice and support them through difficulties which may sometimes be daunting,” Caterina said.

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