Bigger dam splits candidates

OVENS Valley candidates are divided over a ‘Big Buffalo Dam’ .

Australian Country Alliance candidate Dr Julian Fidge wants to increase the dam’s capacity from its current 24 gigalitres up to 1000 gigalitres.

He believes increasing the dam’s size will provide flood mitigation, water security for Wangaratta, improve the health of the region’s rivers, and water security for irrigators.

“While we may not be able to stop flooding, we can certainly reduce it by building big dams like this to hold back large amounts of water and control release of water into the river system,” Dr Fidge said.

“By keeping water levels in the river higher in the droughts, fish, river plants and animals would all do better in droughts.

“The Ovens Valley used to be a hive of agricultural activity, and could be again if the government invested in this electorate.

“A Big Buffalo Dam would provide water to irrigate up to 65,000 acres or 26,304 hectares, compared to the current 1200 hectares.”

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