28 seconds more could save lives

SAFETY BEFORE SPEED: Freeburgh residents want something done to reduce the speed zone to create a safer locality for everyone.

FREEBURGH residents are no longer prepared to wait for someone to die before the town’s speed zone is reduced.

Some community members met at the Freeburgh Community Hall last Friday night and voiced concerns over the 100km speed zone.

Near misses pulling out of or into driveways and streets, and children running a gauntlet of high-speed traffic to get home from the school bus are some of the many concerns of residents.

Long-time Freeburgh resident Gaye Rogers said she, and many others had been telephoning VicRoads for years trying to get the speed reduced to 80km and their voices had fallen on deaf ears.

“We get a lot of traffic passing through Freeburgh and the point we are trying to make is that people don’t drive at 100km they drive at 110km or 120,” she said.

“Cars overtake while small children are waiting to get on a school bus – it’s dangerous and it needs to change.

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