Job loss concern

Resort restructure results in professional redundancies

MT BEAUTY Chamber of Commerce president Peter Hull has expressed deep concern about several professional positions which were recently made redundant at Falls Creek Resort Management (FCRM).

Mr Hull , who owns Sweetwater Brewery in Tawonga South, is seasonally employed by FCRM and is also a volunteer ski patroller with the Falls Creek Ski Patrol that comes under the management of FCRM. 

His wife, Leanne, is one of the redundant employees but Mr Hull was clear when speaking to the Alpine Observer that his concern was not to raise a personal issue about his wife’s redundancy, but to speak as president of the local chamber of commerce about the effect these redundancies have already had on the Upper Kiewa Valley community.

“My worry is that FCRM put these major changes through under the radar without any accountability to the local valley communities that provide significant support to Falls Creek,” he said. 

“FCRM has undertaken a review of its structure, and paid a city-based consultancy what I would suspect to be a very significant amount of money to perform the review.

“Review of the management structure initially has meant redundancies for three professional personnel and resulted in two families of five who were resident homeowners in Mt Beauty relocating out of the valley.

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