Sewer probe

Subdivisions prompt council investigation

REDEVELOPMENT: All the grapevines at Ezio Minutello’s Annapurna Estate have been removed, anticipating subdivision into residential blocks.

A NUMBER of subdivision proposals in Simmonds Creek Road and Glenbourne Drive, including the planned subdivision of the Annapurna Estate, have prompted Alpine Shire Council to investigate the feasibility of constructing a sewerage pipeline up Simmonds Creek Road to service the proposed developments.

Ezio Minutello, owner of the Annapurna Winery, said that he has been planning for the development of his property for three and a half years.

“The number of bushfires and burn-offs that occur in the area have made it impossible to count on a successful vintage,” he said.

“The grapes are too susceptible to the vagaries of the bushfire seasons.

“I could invest $150,000 in growing a crop, then one burnoff could spoil the lot.

“After 26 years of work it was a hard call to make.”

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