Falls Creek’s famous Skyline

Mountain’s first ski lodge celebrates 70 years

ALONG with the best snow falls of the season Falls Creek has been celebrating the 70th anniversary of the mountain’s first ski lodge.

Skyline Lodge was scavenged from derelict high country huts and built in secret at night and weekends by hydro-electricity staff to avoid their boss’s scrutiny.

The week-long celebrations got under way on Monday with a different activity each day and will culminate in a day party at the Corona bar at QT to celebrate the 2000s and the future.

John Meyer, the son of Kiewa Hydro-Electric Scheme chief surveyor Ray Meyer, said it was a humble beginning to what is now a vibrant European-style ski village that attracts thousands of snow enthusiasts each winter season.

“An intrepid number of like-minded State Electricity Commission staff had a common interest that revolved around the skiing potential of the snow-covered high plains that included what is now the 450-hectare resort of Falls Creek,” he said.

“The six SEC employees Toni St Elmo, Ray Meyer, Jack Minogue, Lloyd Dunn, Adrian Ruffenacht and Dave Gibson together with their families banded together to secretly build a ‘hut’ that was the first ski lodge at Falls Creek.

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