Plans to split CFA fires up volunteers

BILL Tilley (MLA, Benambra) hopes he can broker a peace deal that will see the CFA volunteers and paid firefighters re-united under the one banner.

Legislation was introduced into the Victorian Parliament last week separating paid firefighters from the volunteer brigades such as in Ovens and Kiewa valleys.

The member for Benambra believes that model creates uncertainty and may rob the volunteer brigades of valuable resources.

“I am working on an amendment that would create a single fire service with two streams – a career stream and a volunteer stream,” Mr Tilley said.

“A service that would see both streams fighting fires side-by-side to protect life and property as we have done so well in the past.”

The legislation would create the paid firefighters Fire Rescue Victoria, make the CFA a volunteer-only body, set up a new Fire Services Commissioner and establish a new panel to advise on fire boundaries.

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