Festival back from the dead

NOT more than a month after the Mt Beauty Music Festival was given up for dead, it looks as if a new committee might be ready to breathe new life into the event.

At a special committee meeting held to wind up the festival, Jos Scherf, Xena Pahina and Jasmin Panozzo were the only three willing to make the attempt to continue.

Ms Scherf, who is one of two station managers at Alpine Radio, said that the radio committee had been very supportive but were unable to become too actively involved.

“So I thought, let’s just run with it, give it an overhaul and see what can be done,” she said.

“Thanks to many past years of strong volunteer support, there is a lot of infrastructure such as signage, decorations, a web page and ticketing systems already in place, and the treasury is in credit.”

Ms Scherf said that the committee was planning to open the new-look festival in 2019, at a similar time of year and with a similar format as previously, keeping the diverse mix of performers, but with some significant differences.

“We are hoping to restructure the event to involve more community groups by offering them some financial gain for their input,” she said.

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