What’s in a name?

BLACK SPOT: Katarina Chalwell believes the promotion of the “Havilah” tower was misleading and will do nothing to improve mobile coverage for residents in the Havilah Valley. PHOTO: Brad Worrall

HAVILAH residents say they have been misled by plans for a mobile phone tower that will do nothing to address their lack of mobile coverage.

Alpine Shire Council has given Telstra approval for a 35m-high mobile phone tower to be built at Rosewhite as part of the Federal Government’s mobile black spot funding.

The project was first announced as the “Havilah” tower.

But subsequent inquiries and public meetings have revealed that most of the residents in the Havilah Valley, where the Black Saturday firefront that was headed for Bright was finally stopped in 2009, will remain without mobile or internet service.

Mother of twin, 3½-year-olds and an 11-month-old, Katarina Chalwell, said it was highly misleading.

“People in this valley know there are limitations to modern communication – we have lived without television reception, no mobile coverage, no internet and a landline that drops in and out and often carries other people’s conversations as well as your own,” she said.

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