Ambo’s life in the fast lane

READY TO HELP: Ian Huggins and Noel Ferri are two of the volunteer ambulance drivers who tell their stories of the service which operated in Bright from the 1950s through to the 1970s.

A FAR cry from the regulations of today’s ambulance service, for a long time the transport of serious ill or injured people in Bright was left entirely to volunteers.

With no formal training required and not much more than a fast car the instructions were generally pretty simple, get the patient to hospital as quick as you could.

The job was perfect for young men wanting to drive at high speeds and who could do so without having to worry about the law.

For more than 25 years Bright’s ambulance service was provided by such volunteers and now the stories from that time are being brought back to life in a new book.

Titled ‘Foot to the Floor’ local historian and compiler Ian Stapleton said the name says it all.

“We came up with two names for the book ‘Answering the Call’ and ‘Foot to the Floor,’ I asked Laurie Grundy who was the police officer at the time, which one would be most appropriate and he said Foot to the Floor would be highly appropriate,” Mr Stapleton said.

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