Deer a road danger

Increased numbers creates spike in Alpine road accidents

According the Shane Saric from Bright Smash Repairs, between Bright and Harrietville seems to be the main danger spot for deer-related road accidents.

DEER are now not only a problem for farmers but also road users.

The continued increase in the deer population has seen a spike in motor vehicle accidents.

Panel beaters say incidents of people hitting deer are now on par with that of kangaroos while a bus company has imposed a speed limit for its drivers in one ‘hotspot’.

Alpine Spirit’s Chris Bonacci says the deer problem is as bad as it has ever been and their numbers are highest between Bright and Harrietville.

“It’s the worst I have ever seen it, you’re on guard the whole time,” Mr Bonacci said.

“In winter we’re up and down the road (to Mt Hotham) two times a day between Monday and Friday and then up to five times on the weekend.

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