Tawonga farmer stands for Senate

ON THE TICKET: Allan Mull has nominated for the senate after being encouraged by others who have been left disillusioned with federal politics.

TAWONGA entrepreneur and recently retired farmer Allan Mull will stand for a Senate seat in the upcoming Federal election.

Mr Mull said he had decided to stand after being encouraged from people who were disillusioned with Australian political decisions.

The father of four and now grandad to six is from pioneering stock, as his great grandfather selected land in Tawonga in 1867.

Mr Mull has been a primary producer for more than 60 years, a motel proprietor and property developer, as well as involved in many community organisations.

He believes a successful bid for a Senate seat in the upcoming Federal election will help to give a greater voice to Australians.

“I would be a strong political voice, particularly for Victoria, where I would make sure that law and order is improved, that the over-regulation of small and medium businesses stops and that Australia returns to a place where all people can get a fair go,” Mr Mull said.

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