Composer showing the feminist way in a classic man’s world

PIANO QUEEN: Bright composer and pianist Emili Rackemann.

BRIGHT composer and pianist Emili Rackemann has just released another classical album.

Queens English is Rackemann’s sixth album and follows on from Frunchroom, Van Vent Gogh, Vintage Women, Suites From November Twelve and One.

It’s also the album she rates as her finest since releasing her first in 2010.

“This one is my special one,” she said.

“It’s just a really tight album filled with the classical kind of genre so it’s really traditional classical and basically the goal with this one is to break down the paradigms of what composing is about, in terms of gender.

“It’s not gender specific, a lot of composing previously has been done by male composers, we all know about Beethoven and Mozart but if you went to the general public and asked them to name a female composer most people would say, no, I wouldn’t have a clue.

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