YouTube magic lights up Mt Buffalo Chalet

NOT ALL WHITE: With the aid of Youtube, cellophane and a spotlight Sean Hallam turned the landmark building into a riot of colour to protest the lack of action in the past nine years.

WITH a “YouTube degree”, some coloured cellophane and the help of a hardware store, a Melbourne man is hoping to re-focus the spotlight on the fate of the Mt Buffalo Chalet.

Sean Hallam has been both bystander and involved in the battle to save the mothballed tourist landmark for the past few years.

He says it all came about after a camping trip to the mountain.

“But sadly from the discussions I’ve had with people involved in the fight and with others the future doesn’t look great,” he said.

“I decided that perhaps I could help by reminding people of the beauty of the old building.

“I did a few hours Youtube study, brought some cellophane and spotlights from Bunnings and headed up the mountain.

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