Underage drink anger

Police warning after high country road accidents

POLICE have issued a stern warning to underage drinkers after a 13-year-old was hospitalised with alcoholic poisoning following the Bright Fireworks.

They say teens are putting their health at risk, while those supplying the alcohol will be charged and fined.

A two strikes policy will be introduced for underage drinking this summer.

The drunk teen was forced to spend the night in Bright Hospital and was treated for severe dehydration, while police charged an 18-year-old with supplying alcohol to minors, as well as cautioning a number of others for underage drinking.

“What occurred on the weekend we don’t want to see, young people in that type of state, and those who are caught supplying alcohol to kids under the age of 18 will be dealt with accordingly,” Senior Sergeant Doug Incoll said.

“An $1820 on the spot fine was issued and I think the extent of the fine demonstrates how serious legislators and the community view the offence.”

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