Residents dump petition on council

DESPITE Alpine Shire Council voting against the installation of a public dump point, Bright resident Yvonne Huggins won’t rest until the town has a public dump point installed, and has been gathering signatures to strengthen her case.

Mrs Huggins owns a fifth wheeler caravan and when she returned from a four-month holiday last year she realised there was nowhere for her to dispose of her grey waste, as the caravan parks didn’t cater for her ‘big rig’.

She decided to petition council to install a public dump point in Bright so the many ‘big rig’ owners could have somewhere to dispose of their waste, however, this was rejected by council in February this year, on the grounds that caravan park owners were prepared to offer access to their dump points for a $5 fee to cover their costs.

According to Mrs Huggins, since the decision in February, she has gathered more than 1000 signatures in support of a public dump point and she said she won’t rest until one is installed.

“I have been living in Bright for the past 30 years, and have rented eight shops during my time here,” she said.

“I feel very strongly about a public dump point being installed in Bright and as an owner of a ‘big rig’ I know how difficult it can be to manoeuvre a large vehicle in a caravan park that was designed years ago for smaller vans.

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