Bowser prices inquiry

ALPINE Shire residents are being encouraged to inform their local State Government representative about local fuel prices.

Tim McCurdy (MLA, Ovens Valley) has requested the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to acknowledge the Ovens Valley in the investigation into the increasing variance in country and city fuel prices.

He said he has recently written to the ACCC to request a review of petrol pricing in regional locations and said the issue is becoming increasingly apparent and asked residents to ring his office and report fuel prices.

“As I am regularly travelling throughout the region I am able to witness the variations in fuel myself,” he said.

“With the significant drop in oil prices reflecting on the metropolitan prices it is unfortunate that I am unable to say the Ovens Valley is seeing the same drop.

“I haven’t received any information from Alpine Shire residents as yet, but I would really like them to contact me as I’m compiling a dossier of the issue.”

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