Alcohol ban is up to council

Police warning after high country road accidents

BRIGHT police are pushing for next year’s Bright’s Iconic Rod Run to become an alcohol-free event and are leaving the decision up to Alpine Shire councillors.

Senior Sergeant Doug Incoll said police met with members from Bright’s Rod and Kustom Club (BRKC) last week to discuss the possibility of hosting an alcohol-free event in 2015, but he said a decision could not be reached.

“Following all of the trouble we had at this year’s event, we want a complete ban of alcohol, but Rod Run organisers aren’t prepared to come to an agreement,” he said.

“They are pushing for the alcohol ban to come into effect at 6pm, but police don’t want any alcohol to be consumed publicly throughout the event.”

Snr Sgt Incoll said both parties will make submissions to councillors at the February 3 briefing and then it would be up to them to make a decision.

“We will both be putting our cases forward to council and then based on what we submit, a decision will be made one way or the other,” he said.

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