Council sticks with timber bodies

DETERMINING which unnecessary expenditure Alpine Shire Council should cut back on is proving difficult for councillors.

During the September, Ordinary Council Meeting, councillors were asked to renew membership for the Timber Towns Victoria (TTV) which operates at a State level, and not renew council’s membership of National Timber Councils Association (NTCA) which operates on a Federal level.

TTV is an incorporated local government association which represents the interests of municipal councils in relation to forestry on both public and private land and its primary function is to provide a forum for local government to address the management of forests and forest industries and their impact on local communities.

CEO Dave Barry, said Alpine Shire Council is a member of both TTV and the NTCA, and both associations seemed to play the same role, but the benefits of the NTCA were unclear.

“We are currently reviewing the organisation in an effort to reduce council’s budget by $1-$1.5 million and we are reducing it through staff costs, but every element of council spending is being reviewed,” he said.

“We have reviewed our memberships to both organisations, and if we don’t renew the National Timber Council Association membership we can yield savings.”

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