Injured grandmother forced to find aid

NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Donna Lowndes wants a permanent first aid station at Mt Buffalo.

A FREEBURGH grandmother is calling for improved first aid facilities at Mt Buffalo following an accident at Dingo Dell two weeks ago.

Donna Lowndes took her two grandchildren up to Dingo Dell to have some fun on a toboggan, but her day turned into a nightmare after breaking her wrist.

“My granddaughter ran into the orange barrier fencing and cut her face and I ran to see if she was okay, but I slipped on the snow and fell and broke my wrist,” she said.

“One man came and helped me up, but I then had to get to my granddaughter and pull the toboggan to the café.”

According to Ms Lowndes no help was given to either herself or her granddaughter by Dingo Dell café staff.

“They offered my granddaughter a band-aid, but that was it,” she said.

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